Fall Back into Love with Your Home

Whether you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or only 2 years, your home can easily start to feel stale and uninspiring. It is simple to remember falling in love with your home so many years ago, but that love can change over time. Those initials feelings and luster can begin to fade. Although [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Soon, little ghosts, ghouls and goblins will be scampering up your steps and knocking at your door looking for sweet treats. Children and adults alike look forward to this annual celebration full of jack-o-lanterns, costumes and playful fright. While Halloween night is always exciting, it can also be filled with horror – and we don’t [...]

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Join a Winning Team with Casper Disappearing Screens

Casper Disappearing Screens was founded in 2009 by Kevin Boyd who spent the previous eight years as a distributor for another retractable screen company. Kevin became frustrated, just as many customers were, with the design and functionality of other retractable screens. Being an innovator, he was determined to design and manufacture a retractable screen system  [...]

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Kick-Off Fall with Casper Screens: Preparing Your Home for Cooler Months

Although the summer temperatures are currently hanging around longer than usual, it is only a matter of time before cooler weather comes looming around the corner! The high heat might make us forget, but Labor Day has just passed, and stores have already decided to trickle Halloween & Christmas decorations onto the shelves. The start [...]

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5 Simple & Effective Back-To-School Home Organization Tips

Another school year is here and with it usually comes a new routine, chaotic mornings, and a general sense of disarray. This year, want to do things differently by eliminating some of the stress and much of the time wastage? We have a few ideas for you! Here are 5 back-to-school home organization tips that [...]

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Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During the Hot Summer

Summertime brings the most memorable events of the year, but the extreme heat within your home should not be one of them! Getting through the heat is always tough if you don't want to use ample air conditioning. Thankfully, there are some very effective and simple ways to keep your house cool during the summer. [...]

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Summer Gardening: How to Help Your Garden Withstand the Summer Heat

Ah, the days of summer. The sun is out in full force, skies are blue, and vacation mode is turned on! While we might be enjoying soaking up the Vitamin D all summer long, our plants unfortunately do not have SPF protection to shield them from extreme sunlight. This summer do not allow your garden [...]

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5 Ways to Ensure Safety in Your Backyard for Kids

Your backyard is the place where all the summer fun goes down for the kids! It offers your children fresh air, exercise, and invaluable fun & entertainment. Unfortunately, this space can also end up being dangerous for your kids if left unattended. Therefore, it's important to follow simple safety guidelines to prevent any potential outdoor [...]

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Fun Summer Family Staycation Ideas

With the official start of summer being only a few days away, being able to go on vacation is certainly on everyone’s mind. Of course, when a family is involved, the price of travelling can get expensive rather quickly. From the plane tickets, hotel stays, and food expenses, a fairly simple family vacation can not only cost [...]

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Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s no surprise that many dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for. If he is the Do-It-Yourself type, the one who loves to fix or build something with his hands, it can be especially daunting as he will likely buy everything he wants or needs himself. Finding [...]

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