Memorial Day: Remembering & Honoring Our Heroes

Every year on the last Monday of May we celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day set aside since the Civil War to honor and remember the men and women who died in service to our country. It’s a homage to recognize the sacrifices given by those fallen in protecting our freedom. Memorial Day is an [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom’s Who Deserve A Little Above and Beyond

We all know that most mom’s go above and beyond for their families. From the time we are born to spoiling their grandchildren, moms are constantly giving of themselves. While you should probably be finding ways to celebrate the moms and the homes they build in your life each day, Mother’s Day is the perfect [...]

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How to Make Every Day Earth Day in Your Home

This April 22nd, as we celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded that our earth’s environmental challenges are far from over. If we want to protect our planet, we can make minor changes within our households that can make a lasting impression every day. Apart from helping to conserve the environment, we can not only reduce [...]

Enjoying Easter Outdoors

Spring is finally here, and that means Easter is just around the corner. The chill leftover from winter has begun to gradually subside, being replaced with much-needed warmer days. Easter brings a welcome break from the long cold spell, allowing ample opportunity for family get togethers, outdoor activities and festive crafts. As we enjoy our [...]

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Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier and Fun

Spring is the perfect time to break out of winter’s hibernation spell! Thoroughly cleaning уоur home аnd yard іѕ deeply satisfying оn many levels, extending to your mind, body, and spirit. Whеthеr you're аn advocate оf аn all-out session оf spring cleaning, оr tend mоrе toward the simple tasks, we’re sure these tips will bring [...]

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4 Simple Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Increasing the value of your home is easier than you think. Follow these simple tips and before you know it, your home will be worth top dollar. 1. Plan Have you heard the quote, “A goal without a plan is just a wish?” The first step to achieve anything is to plan. Make a list [...]

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Flower Blooming Season

Valentine’s Day is the #1 holiday for flowers! As a matter of fact, in 2018, 28 percent of Americans purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine’s Day. As the flowers begin blooming this season, it is a great time to get your home or outdoor patio ready. Colorful flowers and soothing scents are a [...]

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Spring is in the Air

Tips on Window, French Door, and Screen Cleaning Yes, it’s that time of the year where the sound of outdoor entertaining is right around the corner. Pretty soon you will be coming in and out of those patio doors and you’re going to need to get the cleaning started. As your window and sliding door [...]

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5 Tips for Your Health in 2019

As the new year begins, many of us are looking at our health when writing our list of resolutions. Here are 5 tips we believe will help you achieve results towards a healthier lifestyle. 1. Opening a Window at Night Breathing fresh air has definite health properties, including losing weight. An open window can increase [...]

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Supporting Our Heroes in the Spirit of the Holiday

In the Spirit of the Season, and to help our adopted military family, we delivered gifts to Camp Pendleton USMC Base.  As 2019 is here, many of these families will endure deployments shortly after the holidays. Casper Disappearing Screen Systems remains committed in the upcoming new year in supporting our HEROES via Operation Help a [...]

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