Casper Retractable Screen Doors

Casper retractable screen doors are the most technically advanced, versatile invisible or disappearing retractable screen doors on the market. Our retractable screens will fit any door including in-swing doors, out-swing doors, single doors, double doors, French doors and even sliding doors. Each retractable door screen is custom fit for every door. Casper retractable screen doors are 100% insect proof and have a rust-proof magnetic strip that runs the entire length of the door for secure closure. In addition, our retractable screen doors have adjustable handles for all ages for smooth and easy retracting.

Single retractable screen doors


Single retractable screen doors are typically used on front doors, house-to-garage, and backdoors.  These retractable screens are the perfect solution for a stifling problem… lack of airflow. Many homes and businesses do not have operable windows at the front of their building. Single door retractable screens are the perfect solution by allowing the cross ventilation of a cool breeze without allowing flies and other insects in. A Casper Disappearing Retractable Screen Door allows this benefit while eliminating the hassle of a permanent screen during everyday use.

Double retractable screen doors


Double retractable screen doors are the best type of screening possible for double French doors. They allow full coverage of the space when both doors are open, and can also provide screening for just one side at a time when desired. When not in use, they do not obstruct your view out or cover up the decorative doors. The other major use of double door retractable screens is for sliding glass doors are meant to be seen through. A permanent sliding screen substantially diminishes your view. Casper Disappearing Retractable Door Screens are invisible screen doors that allow you to see clearly and unobstructed through your sliding glass doors! As with the single door version, the double door retractable screens are the perfect solution for promoting air flow through your home.

HOA Compliant

Most Home Owner Associations (HOAs) prohibit installation of permanent screen doors on condominium or townhouse doors. However, Casper Disappearing Retractable Screen Doors are HOA Compliant because they do not alter the look and conformity of either front doors or sliding glass doors!

Retractable Screen Door Frame Color Options

Casper Disappearing retractable screen doors appear to be part of your door frame with our rounded and smooth frame housings that blend beautifully into the existing framework. We offer a variety of retractable screen door frame color options to ensure our screens are part of your home. Our retractable screen doors are made with the highest quality material and are built in the USA to last. Unlike our competition, who only offer a “limited” warranty, Casper Disappearing Retractable Screens are backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY on the frame parts and a three-year warranty on the screen mesh. Your SATISFACTION is GUARANTEED!

The frame housings come in a variety of five (5) popular powder-coated finish colors.

Casper Retractable Screen Door Frame Colors

Casper Retractable Screen Door Frame Colors