Enjoy the Season with Fresh Air

Football season is finally back! For many Americans that means numerous joyous or heartbreaking hours of watching the home team, division rivals, and conference contenders compete on game day. Fans prepare for and watch the game in different ways, but everybody needs to make ready a few things around the house. Whether you’re on the couch or enjoying the cool fall weather on the patio cheering for your team, preparing your home happens inside and out.

Here are some winning tips to help: Clear your walkway and sidewalk. Make sure your windows and screens are clean of bugs and dust. Inside, rearrange furniture to avoid clutter and create a clear path to the bathroom and snack table. Also, clean off countertops and put away random knickknacks as you will want to impress your guests with an open space.

Kids and parents, plan activities to get your whole family and guests engaged. During halftime, some fun games may include tossing the family football or playing fetch with your favorite dog.

Make sure your retractable screens are reliable and functioning as your guests will frequently be on the move with halftime festivities, conversing outside around the barbecue, and watching the game on the BIG SCREEN. Casper retractable doors are made with a Nylon Coated Fiberglass mesh. This type of screen mesh is stronger and more durable than standard, providing greater functionality. It is more rigid, which in turn reduces sagging and won’t pull out of the top track as easily as other meshes on the market. With all the excitement of game day entertaining, your dog and cat may walk into the screens; our doors are designed to “give” a small amount if pets were to bump into them. Pets may first be confused after the screens are installed and we recommend pet owners make sure to familiarize their pets with the screens.

Score a touchdown every game day with entertaining and enjoy the great ventilation for your home, condo, apartment, or business.
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