Casper Disappearing Screen Systems products are warranted to the original purchaser, for as long as he or she owns the product, against defects in the materials. All parts are covered under this warranty, except the screen mesh that is warranted for 3 years against manufacturer defects.

Manufacturer defects include the screen mesh unraveling, pulling away from the Pull Bar or the Housing. Exclusions to the screen mesh warranty apply if a person, animal or object were to walk, run, or fall into the screen mesh and tear or rip the screen mesh. This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement or repair of components having defects. This warranty applies under conditions of normal use but does not apply to defects that result from damage, negligence, or unreasonable use.

To be eligible, owner(s) agree to follow normal operating & maintenance instructions as listed below. All screens must be installed in accordance with installation instructions by a Certified Casper Screens Installer. For questions contact your local dealer. There is a service fee for any items that are not covered under this warranty. Please consult your local dealer in your area for a fee schedule.
Maintenance Instructions

1. Regularly vacuum the bottom track clear of debris, especially next to the magnetic profile.
2. Use a multi-purpose cleaner (such as 409) on the framework to clean off hand oils and dirt.
3. Regularly clean the screen cloth by lightly going over with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment and wipe clean with mild soapy water. DO NOT HOSE DOWN THE MESH SCREEN, WATER CAN COLLECT INSIDE THE CASEMENT.

Operating Instructions

1. When pulling the screen across, be sure it is straight and parallel with the bottom track, a twisting of the handle will cause it to bind. Also, maintain the handles at 36” (door handle height) from the floor for best operation.
2. To release the magnet, place your thumb on the magnetic profile while grasping the handle and gently pull the handle towards you. For double systems, gently push one handle while pulling the other handle, again using the thumb on the opposing handle for leverage.
3. If you get a fold in the screen mesh, immediately straighten it out and do not worry, the screen mesh irons (straightens) itself out quickly. CAUTION: The screen mesh will split if the fold is left.
4. If the Pull Bar comes out of the bottom or top track, reinsert immediately. To reinsert either side, position whichever side that has come out of the track at a 45-degree angle until you are able to reinsert the Pull Bar back into the track. Allow the screen to retract back into the housing.
5. We highly recommend you retract the screen mesh back into the housing when the door is closed, to preserve the mesh and receive the full benefit of a retractable screen. On double doors do not constantly keep the screen pulled to one side when in use.
6. At we have some troubleshooting videos.

Warranty and Maintenance PDF