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When can I expect to receive my Do-It-Yourself screen door?2022-11-12T22:20:10-08:00

Order processing generally takes 1-2 business days. From the point of processing the order, expected time for the order to ship is 5-7 days. Casper Screens cannot guarantee a delivery date for any order, we can only guarantee a ship date within 7 days of having received the order.

Who will be delivering my shipment?2022-11-12T22:23:46-08:00

Casper Screens uses FedEx Ground shipping for orders when applicable. Casper Screens will provide a tracking number to the customer when the order has been shipped out. The tracking number does not guarantee a delivery date, only a projected delivery date from FedEx.

Can I make changes to the delivery address after I have placed my order?2020-07-07T18:04:37-07:00

Customers may make changes to the delivery address prior to the order being shipped out by calling Customer Service at 877-745-5525. Once the order has been shipped, the customer may contact FedEx.com for any changes. Casper Screens will not be held responsible for any changes that the customer has made to the delivery address after the order has already shipped.

Do you ship Casper Screens internationally?2020-07-07T18:05:10-07:00

At this time, we ship Casper Screens solely in the United States. Please don’t hesitate to call 877-745-5525 (858-350-9804) with any questions regarding international shipments. Additional international shipping charges may apply and will be determined.

What is your refund policy?2020-07-07T18:05:57-07:00

Casper Screens doesn’t provide refunds on our Pre-Cut and assembled retractable screen doors. It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate measurements are taken prior to submitting your order. If any questions do arise regarding measuring of the screen prior to placing the order please call our office at 877-745-5525. In the event of damage during the shipment of the product, Casper will make every attempt to ensure customer satisfaction up to and including providing any replacement parts and assistance required. If a part needs to be cut to a different dimension, Casper can recut the parts after the order has been shipped back to our office location.


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