Tips on Window, French Door, and Screen Cleaning

Yes, it’s that time of the year where the sound of outdoor entertaining is right around the corner. Pretty soon you will be coming in and out of those patio doors and you’re going to need to get the cleaning started.

As your window and sliding door retractable screens probably have a bit of dust (and dare we say it spider webs), here are a few tips to get your windows, doors, and screens ready for Spring.

1. Make sure to keep your windows clean as this will help in keeping those energy bills in check. Unwanted moisture, sullied windows, and damaged tracks can let air in from the outside and into your temperature-controlled home.

2. We recommend homemade chemical or organic solutions, along with reusable rags or cloth towels for cleaning. Be sure to clean on cloudy days as cleaning solutions can dry too fast on a warm sunny day. Also, this will allow for a better view of the entire pane and where any possible streaks are.

3. For French Doors or Large Patio Windows, be sure to wipe the inside tracks with a wrapped cloth over a thin stick or large cotton swab. Use a clean cloth to remove any excess dirt and remove any unwanted moisture; be sure the frame is completely dry. Dry frames will ensure window sashes move easier.

4. For Retractable Screens, to clean the bottom track free of any dirt debris that may have accumulated, use the handheld attachment of a vacuum or a brush to remove any debris. Using WD-40 or other cleaners will cause the brush piles that keep the bugs out to clump together and can negatively affect the functioning and retraction of your screen door. Cleaning the bottom track is recommended once a month to clear any dirt or debris, but especially during the Spring as the screens may not have been in use for some time. Clean the screen mesh of any dirt or grime with a rag or cloth with a mild soap solution.

5. For hard-to-reach windows and window screens, make sure to seal them tightly and then use a garden hose for a spray mist, but be careful; a strong water pressure may break the glass or damage the frames.

Keep the bugs out and get ready to enjoy the spring breezes. If it’s time to replace your window and door screens, feel free to visit Also, for more information on a dealer near you, please visit us at We would love to hear about your experiences with our screens.