Fall Back into Love with Your Home

Whether you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or only 2 years, your home can easily start to feel stale and uninspiring. It is simple to remember falling in love with your home so many years ago, but that love can change over time. Those initials feelings and luster can begin to fade. Although [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

Soon, little ghosts, ghouls and goblins will be scampering up your steps and knocking at your door looking for sweet treats. Children and adults alike look forward to this annual celebration full of jack-o-lanterns, costumes and playful fright. While Halloween night is always exciting, it can also be filled with horror – and we don’t [...]

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Join a Winning Team with Casper Disappearing Screens

Casper Disappearing Screens was founded in 2009 by Kevin Boyd who spent the previous eight years as a distributor for another retractable screen company. Kevin became frustrated, just as many customers were, with the design and functionality of other retractable screens. Being an innovator, he was determined to design and manufacture a retractable screen system  [...]

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Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During the Hot Summer

Summertime brings the most memorable events of the year, but the extreme heat within your home should not be one of them! Getting through the heat is always tough if you don't want to use ample air conditioning. Thankfully, there are some very effective and simple ways to keep your house cool during the summer. [...]

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Gift Ideas for the DIY Dad on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s no surprise that many dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for. If he is the Do-It-Yourself type, the one who loves to fix or build something with his hands, it can be especially daunting as he will likely buy everything he wants or needs himself. Finding [...]

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Memorial Day: Remembering & Honoring Our Heroes

Every year on the last Monday of May we celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day set aside since the Civil War to honor and remember the men and women who died in service to our country. It’s a homage to recognize the sacrifices given by those fallen in protecting our freedom. Memorial Day is an [...]

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom’s Who Deserve A Little Above and Beyond

We all know that most mom’s go above and beyond for their families. From the time we are born to spoiling their grandchildren, moms are constantly giving of themselves. While you should probably be finding ways to celebrate the moms and the homes they build in your life each day, Mother’s Day is the perfect [...]

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How to Make Every Day Earth Day in Your Home

This April 22nd, as we celebrate Earth Day, we are reminded that our earth’s environmental challenges are far from over. If we want to protect our planet, we can make minor changes within our households that can make a lasting impression every day. Apart from helping to conserve the environment, we can not only reduce [...]

Enjoying Easter Outdoors

Spring is finally here, and that means Easter is just around the corner. The chill leftover from winter has begun to gradually subside, being replaced with much-needed warmer days. Easter brings a welcome break from the long cold spell, allowing ample opportunity for family get togethers, outdoor activities and festive crafts. As we enjoy our [...]

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Flower Blooming Season

Valentine’s Day is the #1 holiday for flowers! As a matter of fact, in 2018, 28 percent of Americans purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine’s Day. As the flowers begin blooming this season, it is a great time to get your home or outdoor patio ready. Colorful flowers and soothing scents are a [...]

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