Recycling & Valuing Community
is what Casper Retractable Screens are built on.

Casper is proud to share that when we put in replacements screens, we reuse and recycle many of the materials used by donating what we can to the global nonprofit, Habitat for Humanity. Not only are we doing our part to be environmentally friendly, but many of our product suppliers are striving to do the same. Giving back to our neighbors, also ensures reusable materials do not end up in landfills.

Phifer Inc., who supplies our fiberglass screen mesh, works to preserve interior surfaces and materials by aiming to reduce solar heat gain. By working to improve our indoor environments, along with producing 100% recyclable fabrics, they share in our goal of protecting our natural resources.

Lee Spring, who supplies the heavy duty Stainless Steel Spring, is not only 100% recyclable, but also free of any coating that can contaminate the environment. By using a coating of Natural citric acid in place of harmful nitric acids, as many other manufacturers do, Lee Spring has removed the hazardous side effects to the environment. Furthermore, they strive to keep the air we breathe clean by ensuring their entire duct collection system during the manufacturing process is free of any possible migration.

Ernest Packaging Solutions, who supplies our packaging material, sustainability isn’t just a word, it has become one of their main initiatives. By viewing sustainable packaging as an improvement that is never stagnant, but a continuous effort, they have created a system that takes full account of the pillars of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

As the leader in Retractable Screens we value the communities we serve, and the environment. We aim to educate our customers not only on how our screens help to increase airflow through your home but how we help homeowners save money by reducing energy costs and what really sets Casper Disappearing Screens apart from the competition.

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