We all know that most mom’s go above and beyond for their families. From the time we are born to spoiling their grandchildren, moms are constantly giving of themselves.

While you should probably be finding ways to celebrate the moms and the homes they build in your life each day, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say thank you in an out of the box way.

So even if the mom you’re celebrating is saying all she wants for Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed, we invite you to try out some of these non-traditional Mother’s Day gifts on for size!

3 Non-traditional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Give her Flowers… but in a BIG way
Flower bouquets are a pretty typical Mother’s Day gift, but what if you surprised her with the gorgeous garden landscaping she’s always wanted in the backyard?

It might take some scheming to keep it a surprise, but what mom would say no to breakfast on her back patio while looking out on newly planted blooms.

Or if she has a bit of a green thumb, you could go even bigger and build her a small greenhouse. There are many easy to find DIY’s on how to do it with old windows that could make it truly unique, just make sure you’re thinking about window screens that’ll prevent unwanted insects from making the greenhouse their home.

2. Update Something in Her Home that’s become a Forgotten Priority
Whether she’s a stay at home mom or a mom that works 9 to 5 outside the home, chances are she takes a lot of pride in making her house into a home. A great gift would be paying attention to the little forgotten details that can make BIG transformations.

For example, you might repaint an interior room of the house, giving it an immediate face lift. Or you could turn your attention to the windows and doors that are nearly always overlooked.

Replacing window treatments, window and door screens, and/or updating the trims can all make a big impact. And better yet, it’ll be one gift that she will both appreciate and not expect!

3. Get Super Specific to HER
Lastly, don’t just think about what to get her as a mother, but also as a person. What are her specific interests? If she’s always wanted to go skydiving, schedule the adventure. If she loves to paint, maybe buy her painting classes. Celebrating her as a whole person will go a long way in making her feel special!

Give with Love this Mother’s Day

Whatever gift you give for Mother’s Day, just be sure to keep in mind the things that she’ll put off or simply won’t buy for herself. If you do that, this Mother’s Day will be one she’ll always remember!

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