Every year on the last Monday of May we celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day set aside since the Civil War to honor and remember the men and women who died in service to our country. It’s a homage to recognize the sacrifices given by those fallen in protecting our freedom.

Memorial Day is an important national holiday that often gets confused with Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors all current and past U.S. military veterans, versus those who died in military service.

As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day has become a marker of summer fun. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the day full of fun activities with your closest family and friends, as it’s those moments of peace and laughter that our military defends. Here is a list of activities your family can do this Memorial Day while still remembering the true spirit of the day.

Five Memorial Day Activities for Your Family

1. Decorate and Clean Veteran Headstones: This is a Memorial Day tradition that many Americans participate in every year. You can bring flags to put by veteran graves, but we highly recommend also coming prepared to clean away overgrowth and wipe headstones clean.

2. Family Picnics: It used to be a very common practice for families to picnic at cemeteries next to their lost loved ones. However, it’s much more common now for families to get together for family picnics at parks and backyard BBQ’s. Remembering how this tradition began is a great way to keep with the sentiment of the holiday.

3. Put together Care Packages: This is a great activity to do at your Memorial Day BBQ. Ask everyone attending to bring items to make care packages for soldiers currently on deployment. Cards and drawings made by your children are always appreciated and welcome. For a list of trusted care package organizations, please visit here.

4. Tour American History Museums or Presidential Libraries: Small or large, museums and Presidential Libraries are dedicated to the history of our country and are a great resource to visit for Memorial Day. Learning from our past, secures our future and enlightens our youth. To find the closest Presidential Library, please visit here.

5. Join in on Community Events: Many cities and businesses across the country host their own Memorial Day celebrations. Check your local newspaper or city website for a list of parade and events closest. From half marathons to flag ceremonies to concerts, there are sure to be Memorial Day festivities near you!

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To our courageous & selfless military, thank you for your service!

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