Keep the Outside In
3 Dad Friendly Indoor Activities and Cooling Tips

With Summer here and kids out of school, outdoor temperatures soar and so does the air conditioning bill. Here are a few activities your family can enjoy and a great way to keep the cool air in.

Open windows at night
In places and during times of year where it substantially cools at night (overnight temps in the mid-70s or lower), pop the windows open once the sun goes down. You will be amazed at how quickly the warm air is replaced with cool, refreshing air. Remember to keep insects out when you cool your house in the evening. Casper retractable screen doors are 100% insect proof and have a rust-proof magnetic strip that runs the entire length of the door for secure closure. In addition, our retractable screen doors have adjustable handles for all ages and an anti-slam brake for smooth and easy retracting. During the day to keep everyone from overheating outdoors, here are a few safe things do to.

Have a Movie Day
Instead of just turning on the air conditioner and popping in a movie, why not invite some of your kids’ friends over for a movie party? Have each parent bring a fun snack (popcorn, ice pops, ice cream) and watch a kid-friendly flick together.

Set up a tent inside
While you may not have room for an open tent indoors all the time, on special occasions (like when it’s just way too hot to play outside), bringing the tent indoors can be just as fun. No tent? No problem. Just make a fort with blankets. Playing with dolls, cars, whatever your kid’s favorite toys are feels new when a tent is involved.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt is all about finding items from a list in certain rooms or areas. First, find some things around the house that you want your kids to find. Depending on how many items you want the kids to find and how. Everyone is engaged and it’s great for competitive learning. Now go hide everything! The kids will love the adventure and challenge.