Soon, little ghosts, ghouls and goblins will be scampering up your steps and knocking at your door looking for sweet treats. Children and adults alike look forward to this annual celebration full of jack-o-lanterns, costumes and playful fright. While Halloween night is always exciting, it can also be filled with horror – and we don’t mean the horror you see in a movie. When planning the night’s events, don’t get spooked, be prepared!

Here are 4 quick safety tips before the trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door:

Provide a Clear, Safe and Well-lit Path
Nothing can ruin your night more than a trick-or-treater getting injured from tripping or falling on your walkway. A spookily decorated walkway leading up to the candy is always a fun spectacle to watch, but just make sure the path is clear of any debris, like extension cords and tree roots. It’s also important that the area is well-lit. Consider adding lights if your walkway gets too dark once the sun is down. Costumes can be highly combustible, so when decorating, be sure to use only battery-operated candles, glowsticks or flashlights and avoid open flames.

Put Pets Away in a Closed Room
We all love our animals, but truth be told, our furry companions may not love everyone else, and vice versa. In keeping your pets’ best interest in mind, it may be a good idea to send them to bed early. On a regular day, your pets may normally be welcoming to any new visitors; however, on this day, wearing scary masks or big costumes is the norm. Keeping your pet in a separate, secure room for just a few hours, could be in the best interest for all.

Keep Your Screen Doors Closed
On Halloween, your home could become a very busy attraction with a great deal of foot traffic. It’s important that you keep screen doors closed, if not for minimal privacy, but safety. Having your screen doors closed allows you to see anxious trick-or-treaters as they approach but keep them at bay. Plus, you have the added benefit of keeping pesky nighttime bugs out and your holiday guests in.

Open Door Feature

For your convenience, Casper Screens are constructed with a high-power magnet that runs the full length of the door. Our screens provide a superior and tighter seal than other retractable screen magnets. By pulling the handle of the sliding the screen door towards you just a little bit will disengage the magnets, making it easier for separation – and for attending to your eager trick-or-treaters.

Lock Up and Set Your Alarm
Halloween can unfortunately bring out strangers and wonderers to your neighborhood. If attending a party away from your home is on the night’s agenda, remember to keep your house well-lit (inside and out), locked and with the alarm armed. Or, if you’re passing out candy from home most of the night, be sure to lock up and set your alarm once the excitement has concluded.

Casper Screens wishes you a happy and safe Halloween!
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