With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s no surprise that many dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for. If he is the Do-It-Yourself type, the one who loves to fix or build something with his hands, it can be especially daunting as he will likely buy everything he wants or needs himself.

Finding the right, yet unique gift can create memories that will be cherished for years to come. Not only is he a wonderful dad you know and love, but he will also appreciate the effort that was made to make him feel special.

Here are four gift ideas for the DIY dad in your life:

1. The Tools He Needs or Wants: Let’s be honest, every DIY dad will be the first to say they can never have too many tools. As new and innovative tools are introduced each year, the ones he has been wanting or daydreaming about are generally plentiful. When it comes to choosing the right one, there is no harm in asking him for a tool wish list. Should you want to keep it a surprise though, it may require some creativity in figuring out the exact tool he has been eyeing.

2. Home Improvement Kits: From project plans to complete pre-packaged kits, these home improvement gifts are an especially great Father’s Day gift for your DIY dads. There are many Home Improvement Kits to choose from, covering many different areas of the home. Does he love to grill? You can find plenty of brick-built barbecue plans available. Is he needing a new workbench? Workbench kits are a perfect choice because they provide all the necessary hardware with plenty of customization options.

If your DIY dad is looking for a way to bring fresh air into the home before it gets too hot this summer, Casper Screens™ DIY Retractable Screen Kits are a perfect choice for the self-installation enthusiast. By harnessing natural ventilation, you can cool your home cost effectively by allowing for the maximum amount of outside air to enter the home while simultaneously removing any stagnant, warm air. Available for almost any door application, Casper Screen doors are a high-quality custom-cut screen that allows the homeowner the ability to enjoy the view through the door rather than having an obstructed view that you have with a traditional screen door.

Whichever project kit you choose, remember to try finding one they have been wanting to do or one that just never seems to get addressed.

3. Creative Do-It-Yourself, Made with Love: A DIY dad appreciates DIY gifts straight from the heart. Handmade gifts, especially if he has young children, are a perfect way to show him you care. Hand decorated wood frames, finger-painted cards, and custom printed coupon books are just some of the little ideas that go a long way in showing your love. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

4. A Crate for All Tastes: Gift crates are very popular, and it is easy to see why. Having an infinite number of choices out there makes finding the right one for your DIY dad easy. Is he rugged, yet well groomed? Shave and beard grooming crates are an obvious pick. Does he enjoy exotic meats? You can find samplers of meats and jerky from around the globe. From sports team memorabilia to barware to grilling, your options are unlimited.

No matter what you decide to give the fathers in your life this year, the number one thing they will likely want is to feel appreciated. Remember that and you can’t go wrong!

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