Why choose Casper Screens over other retractable screen brands?

Casper Screens Technicians have over fifteen (15) years of experience in the retractable screen industry! Custom cut to fit inside the door frame which provides a cleaner look. This application accommodates both in-swing and out-swing doors as well as sliding doors, front entry doors, garage doors and more. We can install a retractable screen on [...]

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Can Casper Screens be installed on my Front Door?

They sure can! This is one of the favorite applications of homeowners for Casper Screen Doors. Homeowners agree that this provides more light into the home as well as better cross ventilation to help cool down their homes. Our screen doors can also be installed on doors to the garage and from the garage to [...]

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How do the screen doors stay closed?

Casper Screens uses full-length magnetic strips that create a tight seal to keep the doors closed. For Double French Door screens, a slide lock can keep one door in place while allowing the homeowner to go in and out the other door without having to open and close both doors every time. [...]

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