Whether you’ve lived in your home for 20 years or only 2 years, your home can easily start to feel stale and uninspiring. It is simple to remember falling in love with your home so many years ago, but that love can change over time. Those initials feelings and luster can begin to fade.

Although wishing for a new “love” or home is a nice escape, restoring and investing in your current situation may be the best solution. You can rekindle the love of your home without major upheaval, cost and headaches.

Enjoy these 5 tips on how to fall back in love with your home:

Freshen Up
One of the simplest and most cost-effective improvements of all is paint! Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated. On average, a gallon of paint costs around $30. A painting party with family and friends is the perfect way to spend a weekend while spending quality time with those closest to you.

Dress Up the Old
Your living room is brought together by a single piece of furniture – your couch! If replacing it just isn’t in the budget, adding decorative pillows with fun patterns and pops of color is the most cost-effective solution. If you’re really feeling adventurous – reupholster it! You’d be amazed at how much it will feel like an entirely new piece of furniture.

Did you know that on average, a household contains 300,000 items? Whoa! All those must-have pairs of shoes, knick-knacks and kitchen items sure do add up! Adopt a new rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in the past year, toss it or donate it. De-cluttering not only make a space feel more functional and spacious, but it also frees up your emotional space.

Invest in the Upgrade
If there’s an upgrade you’ve always want to make and, more importantly, if it’s in the budget, go for it! Keep in mind, the best home improvements you can make are to your kitchen, bathroom and landscaping. Recapture that buyer’s excitement and make the economical upgrade you’ve always wanted. It will be worth it!

Create an Outdoor Living Space
Families often gather around kitchen and living rooms, but that doesn’t need to be the limit to your family bonding area. Having an outdoor living space is a great way to breathe new life into the home while strengthening your family’s quality time. A well-designed outdoor space can give an immune boost, keep your family’s focus away from electronics and give you a space to relax and decompress.

Adding a Casper Retractable Screen Door helps provide an easy transition between these spaces.  They retract easily for the constant in and out, but also leave unobstructed views when closed. Casper Retractable Screen Doors are the most technically advanced and versatile disappearing retractable screen door on the market. Our retractable screens will fit any door; including in-swing or out-swing doors, single or double doors, French doors, and even sliding doors. Custom fit for every door, Casper Retractable Screen Doors are 100% insect proof and have a rust-proof magnetic strip that runs the entire length of the door for secure closure.

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