Fresh Cool Fall Breezes are back, and for many of us that means getting our homes ready for entertaining. The budget to get your home brighter is not an issue with Casper Retractable Screens DIY kits. You can save up to $145.00 on our single door kit and $245.00 on our double door kit. To learn how to install your new custom cut retractable screen door, visit our installation video.

Here are 5 tips to brighten your home on a budget, and of course doing it yourself is key.

1. Stay LIGHT with Window Treatments
Stay away from heavy window coverings. Look for window treatments that are light in both color and weight. Linen curtains and roman shades are perfect.

2. Look to Your Lighting
It’s easy to install track lighting under cabinets, add ambient lighting like wall scones, and something that will sparkle, like a chandelier. Try using LED with recessed lighting, you will enjoy a warmer glow and they will last longer too.

3. White on Walls Opens Your Interior
A light color paint can add depth to your space and help it look cleaner and more modern. Don’t have time or budget to paint the entire home? Just freshen up your trim with a coat of white paint and you’ll see immediate results.

4. Take Advantage of Mirrors
Try adding mirrors around your home. You will increase the sense of depth and break up the wall planes. Mirrors bounce light around, which expands the space visually. A mirror almost suggests a window that can’t be seen.

5. Plants Brighten Up Your Space
We suggest adding plants that are native to your location. A simple green plant can help make your room look cleaner and more inviting. Also, be sure you buy something you’ll be able to take care of.

Keeping your home bright during the shorter days is not only fun and simple, but affordable! For more information on our DIY kits, please check our collection of retractable screen doors.
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