Another school year is here and with it usually comes a new routine, chaotic mornings, and a general sense of disarray. This year, want to do things differently by eliminating some of the stress and much of the time wastage? We have a few ideas for you!

Here are 5 back-to-school home organization tips that we think you will love:

Create an Entry Space to Store (and Hide) Things
As soon as the kids walk into the house, there should be a place nearby where they can temporarily drop their stuff before they head to the kitchen for a snack. Designate an area with a seat or bench for them to remove dirty shoes, sports equipment and seasonal outdoor gear.

By creating a catch-all space, this helps to prevent clutter and disorder throughout your home. Moreover, getting everyone used to leaving their stuff in an assigned spot will make it an easier and smoother process in leaving the house the next morning.

Hang a File Organizer with Separate Slots
During snack time when all has settled, go through your child’s take-home folder and separate papers into designated file folders. Event flyers and permission slips can be placed in mom and dad’s folder, while projects and homework go into each child’s folder. Knowing that these items are in a safe place creates a calmness knowing that important information has not been misplaced – or eaten by the dog! Keeping a few pens nearby can also be useful for those papers that need a parent’s signature.

Create a Snack Station
Organizing and preparing lunches does not have to be a daily struggle. A way to eliminate the mind-boggling question of “What am I going to make these kids for lunch this week?” is to prepare for an entire week by prepacking snacks ahead of time. Moreover, you’ll be able to make healthy, mindful meal choices instead of just grabbing the unhealthier bag of cookies or chips for the kids’ lunches.

Additionally, designating a bin for dry snacks and a space in the refrigerator for cold snacks makes it simple and quick to pick & pack!

Set Up A Homework Spot
The kitchen is truly the heart of the house and is a usually great place to monitor small children during homework time while you prepare dinner. If the kitchen table or bar counter is not an ideal choice, any unused corner of the house can be converted into a small, controlled homework space.

Sort Your Laundry Room Out
If your laundry room is large enough, you may have plenty of space and storage options. School clothes, sports uniforms, and other extra-curricular gear can quickly pile up throughout the week. Organize your laundry area with baskets labeled for lights, darks, colors – and even an emergency basket for items that require immediate attention. Make sure everyone makes it a habit to sort their dirty laundry into baskets. This saves you time in having to search through gym bags or under beds for items that need washing.

By implementing these simple 5 tips in your home, you can help to keep your day-to-day routines running smoothly throughout the school year. Happy Organizing!

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